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Our Team

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Darren Alexander, CFP, CIM, FMA Photo Darren Alexander, CFP, CIM, FMA Hover Photo

Darren Alexander, CFP, CIM, FMA

Senior Investment Advisor, Manulife Securities Incorporated and Life Insurance Advisor, Manulife Securities Insurance Agency

Darren is trusted Senior Investment Advisor and Certified Financial Planner with 27 years of investment advisory experience, including advising both the mass market and high net worth families.  

Experience is invaluable, and having worked as an advisor in the Bank, Trust and Credit Union sectors of the investment industry, Darren is able to apply a wealth of knowledge to a wide range of client situations and needs. During his extensive investment career he has helped his clients through many market corrections, including three major crises. Those were challenging times for clients and advisors alike, but Darren was able to help his clients keep focused on their long term objectives without panicking and making knee jerk decisions to sell on emotion. This ultimately protected them from locking in portfolio losses.

A key focus of Darren’s is to help families and individuals transition through the main stages of life financially, with particular attention to retirement planning, retirement income planning and succession planning. Darren has a full range of investment options available to customize a portfolio specific to personal risk tolerance and goals. These include, Bonds, Preferred Shares, Stocks, Exchange-traded Funds, Mutual Funds, Annuities, Segregated funds, GICs and Socially Responsible investments.

Fee-based accounts are an important option worth considering and are available where appropriate. They can help minimize fees and in some cases, increase tax efficiency.

In 2015 Darren chose independence by moving to Manulife Securities Incorporated in South Surrey/White Rock where he has been able to better serve his valued clients

David Gradidge, PFP Photo David Gradidge, PFP Hover Photo

David Gradidge, PFP

Senior Investment Advisor, Manulife Securities Incorporated

Born and raised in Manitoba, David was disciplined at an early age in the world of investing and wealth creation. In 1996 David pursued that lifelong passion by joining the investment arm of the Bank of Nova Scotia and in 2006 David moved his practice to TWC/Berkshire Securities (later acquired by Manulife Securities) in order to be able to better serve his clients through a truly non-biased, independent platform.

Throughout his career David has remained steadfast to the time tested principles of wealth creation and has never wavered in the process of asset protection and conservative growth. Through all market conditions David has provided his clients security and peace of mind through solid and sensible advise.

David holds the Professional Financial Planning (PFP) designation and has served as Advisory Counsel to the Manulife Capital Markets Group. He is also a multi-year participant in Manulife's Circle of Excellence. David specializes in serving high to ultra high net worth clients with investible assets over one million dollars.

Karina Armagno Photo Karina Armagno Hover Photo

Karina Armagno

Executive Assistant

Karina has been in the financial industry for the past eight years and has worked in a variety of support and service positions. Her professional passion is to deliver first class service to clients. She takes pride in managing the office efficiently, professionally answering client calls and providing timely support to the team.

She has a passion for learning and is eager to further develop her skill set in the financial industry, and flourish with the AlexanderWealth & Associates Advisory Group.

Karina is the mother of two daughters. She loves spending her time doing activities with the girls and the family pup.

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